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Welcome to the web site of Belfast Cathedral. We hope you will enjoy discovering more about the Cathedral Church of St Anne and the activities of the faith community which worships here. The website aims to provide you with useful information about the Cathedral, irrespective of whether you are visiting us online or in person, either as a cultural visitor, pilgrim or regular or occasional worshipper at daily and Sunday services. This page seeks to help you understand the structure of our website on a section by section basis as follows. Please note that you can also use the “Search the Site” facility within the banner at the top of each page.



Visitors Section

Key areas in the Visitors Section include:

Sanctuary- Worship - We very much hope that you will come and worship with us at one of our twenty eight regular services and all the basic information you need is provided in this page. All denominations are welcome.

- Highlights - This page provides a preview of just a few of the many beautiful works of art to be seen ranging from architecture, mosaics, textiles, stone carving, stained glass windows and many historical artifacts.

- Visiting Us - This outlines the basic functional information for those visiting us in person.

- Group/Schools - Basic information for pre-organised visits and tours for all sorts of groups and schools.

- Hidden Gems - This page is dedicated to encouraging you to look closely and literally zoom in on the detail of our many beautiful artifacts. It also acts as a quiz or observation test for those visiting the Cathedral.

- Virtual Tour - This provides detailed information and images of the Cathedral and its many precious items.

-Hosted Services - Information for all sorts of charities, associations and organisations, who wish to join us for a service tailored to their needs, either on a regular annual basis or as part of a celebration of a special occasion, achievement or anniversary.


Baptistry Mosaic


Diary Section

This section lists forthcoming events in the Cathedral, including a full list of the current month's services as a reference.





News Section

This section lists News items for the current month, enabling you to keep up to date with events and news in the Cathedral. You may select a past month from the archive at the bottom of the page, in order to see the news items a that month. For convenience, the latest three news items can be accessed from the Home page under “News and Events”.

You will also find the Dean's "twice a weeek" blog, his Holy Land blog in this section, plus recent informal photos of life in the Cathedral.




Contacts and Parish Information

This section is focused on Parish life and information pertinent to our congregation and regular visitors. However everyone is welcome to view it to access detailed information relevant to everyday life in the Cathedral. It contains pages on:

- Clergy - This lists our clergy and their contact details including emergency numbers.

- Staff and Officers - This lists our staff and officers and their contact details.

- Mothers' Union - This provides information on the Mothers' Union group within the Cathedral and contact details.

- Digest - Recent copies of the Cathedral Digest (the bi-monthly magazine) are provided online here.

- Activities - Summarises the various activities within the Cathedral and details of the appropriate contact person.

- Baptism - Provides outline information for those wishing to have a child baptised in the Cathedral.

- Marriage - Provides outline information for those wishing to get married in the Cathedral.

- Rotas - just a few of the roles individuals carry out on a volunteer basis, and essential to the Cathedral's operation.




Music Section

This covers all aspects of music within the Cathedral with pages on:

- Choirs

- Choir Schools

- Organ

- Staff

- St Anne's Music Festival

- Visiting Choirs

- Past Choristers Association





Black Santa Section

This outlines the Cathedral's major fund raising event, where the Dean “sits out” for a week before Christmas raising money for charity. The event has been running for over 30 years, attracts substantial media publicity and has spawned many spin- off “Black Santas” raising funds in other towns and cities. It typically raises of the order of 200k plus for around 200 locally based charities each year. It is a major contribution to the Northern Ireland community.

Resources Section

This section contains the current week's readings and prayers.

Heritage Section

This section aims to record the very large numbers of people who have connections to the Cathedral and who in a wide variety of ways have made the Cathedral what it is today. It forms a major historical database of individuals connected to the Cathedral.

Supporters Section

Belfast Cathedral has charitable status, and as such we receive no government funding and are largely reliant on the generosity of individuals and grant making groups to keep the Cathedral open 365 days a year. This section outlines the various ways in which you can support us.