The three Clerestory windows, in the Sanctuary high above the Altar, are the only abstract art in the cathedral. They were the work of Edward Marr, late of Belfast College of Art and the gift of Sir Robert Ernest Herdman in memory of his wife, Lucy in 1976. From left to right they represent creation, the Trinity and the Eucharist. Together the three windows represent God's love, demonstrated by gifts which included his son, and his purpose, that all may find salvation through the cross of Christ.








This window seeks to depict The Garden of Eden. God's gifts for humankind to enjoy are represented: animals (a lamb), vegetation (a tree), water (a river) and fish. These elements carry a double significance: the lamb as food and the Lamb of God, Jesus; the tree as all green things and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden; water for drinking and for cleansing from sin through baptism.

























This window represents the Trinity: The Father as the light of the sun, the Holy Spirit as a dove in the centre, whilst a crown of thorns can be picked out at the bottom.




























A striking window depicting the industry of the city upon which is superimposed a chalice, symbolic of the life of Christ.







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