On the north side of the Cathedral, running from the West Doors towards the Choir the following corbels can be seen above each column or respond.





GABRIEL, the Angel of the Annunciation, who was sent from God to Mary, with the glad tidings that her Child was to be called the Son of God.









GEORGE BERKELEY (1684-1753). Bishop of Cloyne. Pre-eminent as a philosopher, and a zealous worker for the welfare of his people, to him was attributed "every virtue under heaven" (Pope). More







HENRY STEWART O'HARA (1843-1923). Founder of the Cathedral and its first Dean—later Bishop of Cashel. More









ARCHBISHOP WILLIAM KING (1650-1729). Statesman and Divine, who was born in County Antrim of Scottish lineage. In 1688, when Dean of St Patrick's, Dublin, he was imprisoned for espousing the cause of William of Orange, and was only released after the Battle of the Boyne. More






GEORGE SALMON (1819-1904). Provost of Trinity College, Dublin, who gained equal renown in two widely contrasted spheres - theology and mathematics. As well as being one of the greatest creative mathematicians of the nineteenth century, his profound intellect was dedicated to the service of the Church of Ireland as a teacher of her teachers for over forty years. More








JEREMY TAYLOR (1613-1667). Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore, to which See he was elevated at the Restoration in 1660, after having suffered imprisonment during the Protectorate for his political and religious views. More









ARCHANGEL MICHAEL complete with sword and lifted scales. To Michael was ascribed, in medieval symbology, the task of weighing the souls of those who were being judged, thus his association with the Justice respond.






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