In 1974, the South Transept of St Anne’s was completed and the organ (Harrison & Harrison of Durham, 1917) was rebuilt and situated in a new chamber above this chapel.

The reredos shows the symbol of the World Council of Churches (oikumene – meaning ecumenism). This chapel is where the majority of the weekday Midday Prayers take place, a weekly healing service and those for groups of individuals from "across the secterian divide" who meet and pray together for more mutual understanding as well as ecumenical mission.

The windows comprise of the badges of four youth organisations. There is also a memorial to John McVicker, the founder of the first Boys' Brigade Company in Belfast.

The glass screens separating the ambulatory from this side-chapel are etched with the ecumenical motif behind the altar and were installed in 2002 as a memorial to Dean Jack Shearer.

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