During 2012/13, Belfast Cathedral Choir will be undergoing an exciting transformation, with the founding of separate boys' and girls' groups to provide the highest lines of the choir, and the consolidation of the Choral Exhibition and Choral Scholarship schemes for students in secondary and tertiary education. This choir will be professional in outlook, and will perform at the many exciting and important events that are held in the cathedral.

The boys of the choir (aged 7 - 12) will rehearse and sing on Mondays, Wednesdays and alternate Sundays, and the girls of the choir (aged 11 - 17) will rehearse and sing on Tuesdays, Thursdays and alternate Sundays.

The Bishop's stall is also included in this photograph. Belfast Cathedral is unique in the Anglican Communion in that it serves two dioceses – Connor and Down & Dromore. Connor, Down and Dromore originally constituted a single diocese, but in 1944 Connor was separated from Down and Dromore, with Connor being on one side of the River Lagan, and Down and Dromore on the other.

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