Angel with ChaliceBelfast Cathedral has charitable status, and as such we receive no government funding. With a small congregation we struggle to remain viable, despite seeking to generate additional income and reduce costs in every way possible. As you might imagine, such a magnificent building is expensive to maintain and run. Our routine running costs are of the order of 1,650 per day.

This does not include maintenance of the Cathedral building, which as you might imagine does not come cheap. Even with the most careful planning and prudent spending, this has required around 200,000 per annum to avoid this wonderful building falling into disrepair. Any delays in repairs can prove very costly due to the "knock-on" effect. For example, ingress of water as a result of roof leaks, caused damage to internal stonework and in particular to the unique and invaluable St Patrick mosaic beside the Chapel of the Holy Spirit. The resulting cost was of the order of 150,000.

In addition, we continue to monitor the sinking of the Cathedral (see Fascinating Facts point 5 due to the notorious Belfast "sleech".)

So we rely on your generosity and support for our continued existence and to enable us to keep the Cathedral open 365 days a year:

- accessible every day as a place of Christian worship both formally and informally for visitors and regular worshippers

- acting as a centre of peace and tranquillity where people from all traditions and faiths are welcome to spend some quiet time to ponder alone and refresh the spirit

- furthering the tradition of choral music in the city as we build both boys and girls choirs

- a haven of visual art in architecture, mosaics, stained glass and stone carvings

- a symbol and focal point for the revival of the Cathedral Quarter and a key Belfast tourist attraction

- a key part of Belfast's history

- a shared space where a vast range of charitable and other organisations can meet for ecumenical worship and renewal

- a major fund-raiser for over 200 locally based charities through our long-running annual Sitout

We are always grateful for any financial gift or offer of support, no matter how large or small, whether on a one-off or regular basis. The pages within this Supporters section outline a number of ways in which you can support the Cathedral via donations, volunteering, joining the Friends, bequests, parking in our grounds etc

If you would like to offer support in some other way, please email Dean John Mann, who would very much welcome your help.


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