First Chapter and past staff members



“The Chapter was established by the General Synod Bill of 1893. It consisted of the Dean, the Dean of Down, the Dean of Connor, and the Dean of Dromore, with several other members of the Chapters of the three existing Cathedrals in the said United Diocese for the time being.”

Until the General Synod Belfast Cathedral Act of Thursday, 24th May,1984, the Dean of Down served as Chancellor of Belfast Cathedral, the Dean of Connor served as Precentor, and the Dean of Dromore as Treasurer. Since 1984 the Archdeacon of Down has served as Chancellor and the Archdeacon of Connor as Precentor.

Dean - Very Revd Henry Stewart O’Hara.


Maguire, Very Revd Edward

Dean of Down Cathedral

Brown, Ven. John P.
Archdeacon of Down

Stewart, Rev. Canon Henry William
Chancellor of Down Cathedral

Moore, Revd Canon Arthur I.
Precentor of Down Cathedral

Kernan, Revd Canon Richard Arthur
Treasurer of Down Cathedral

Duke, Revd Canon John Hare
Prebendary of Dunsford

Smith, Revd Canon George
Prebendary of St. Andrews


Seaver, Very Revd Charles
Dean of Connor Cathedral

Smythe, Ven. George Chichester
Archdeacon of Connor

Bristow, Revd Canon John
Chancellor of Connor Cathedral

Patman, Revd Canon Edward
Precentor of Connor Cathedral

Sayers, Revd Canon George Brydges Sayers
Prebendary of Kilroot

Irvine, Revd Canon Richard
Prebendary of Rasharkin

Benson, Revd Canon Thomas Miller
Prebendary of Cairncastle, Rector of Ballymoney


Dawson, Very Revd Abraham
Dean of Dromore Cathedral

Hardinge, Revd Canon Charles William
Chancellor of Dromore Cathedral, Rector of Willowfield

Barker, Revd Canon William Chichester
Precentor of Dromore Cathedral

Grierson, Revd Canon Charles, Thornton, Primrose
Treasurer of Dromore Cathedral, Rector of Banbridge. See Deans of Belfast.

Lett, Revd Canon Henry William
Prebendary of Dromore Cathedral


From 1893 - 1984 the Chancellor was the Dean of Down.

Maguire, Very Revd Edward. 1899

Carmody, Very Revd William Patrick. 1923 - 38

Elliott, Very Revd Robert Cyril Hamilton Glover. 1938 -1945

Hatch, Very Revd Frederick. 1945 - 55

Good, Very Revd Walter Horatio. 1955 - 64

Mann, Very Rev Alfred Weller Mussen Stanley. 1964 - 68

Kilpatrick, Very Rev Robert William Thomas Howard. 1968 - 1980

Good, Very Rev John Herbert Rosmund. 1980 - 84

From 1984 the Chancellor was the Archdeacon of Down.

Macourt, Ven William Albany. 1984 - 1989

Moore, Ven James. 1989 - 1995

McCamley, Ven Gregor. 1995 - 2007


From 1893 - 1984 the Precentor was the Dean of Connor.

Seaver, Very Revd Charles. 1899

Collis, Very Revd MHF. 1945

Cooke, Very Rev JW. 1945 - 56

Breen, Very Rev RS. 1956 - 63

Adams, Very Rev Richard. 1963 - 1976

Wilson, Very Rev W Gilbert 1976 - 1982

Barr, Very Rev William Norman Cochrane. 1982 - 84

From 1984 the Precentor was the Archdeacon of Connor.

Stevenson, Ven Richard Clayton. 1984 - 1988

Rolston, Ven John Ormsby. 1988 - 96
Canon 1982 - 96. Rector of St James, Belfast 1966 - 96. (Deacon 1951. Retired 1996).

Harper, Ven Alan. 1996 - 2002

McBride, Ven Dr Stephen. 2002 - present



Myles, Very Rev EA. 1945 - 51

Orr, Very Rev WRM. 1951 - 57

Jones, Very Rev WA. 1957 - 61

Applebe, Very Rev JW. 1961 - 1964

Forde, Very Rev ATI. 1964 - 1965

Hughes, Very Rev Henry, 1965 - 71

Mayes, Very Rev HHR, 1971 - 75

Lockhart, Very Rev RJ Norman. 1975 - 84



Manning, Ven Charles Campbell. 1930 - 45

Brown, Ven Thomas Bradley. 1945 - 46

Olden, Ven George Ronaldson Cunning. 1946 - 50

Peacocke, Ven Cuthbert Irvine. 1950 - 56

Quin, Ven George Alderson. 1956 - 70

McKelvie, Ven Alfred. 1970 - 74

Barber, Ven Eric Skottowe. 1974 - 78

McMullan, Ven Gordon. 1979 - 80

Macourt, Ven William Albany. 1980 - 84, then also Chancellor of Belast.


Kerr, Ven William Shaw. 1930 - 32

Hannon, Ven Arthur Gordon. 1932 - 40

Orr, Ven William Robert Macaulay. 1940 - 51

Gransden, Ven WJ. 1951 - 63

Forde, Ven ATI. 1963 - 64

Crooks, Ven Samuel Bennett. 1964 - 70

Shearer, Ven Jack. 1970 - 84



Perrin, Ven Donald Barton Edward. 1965 - 76

McKinney, Ven Wilson. 1976 - 84


The following clergy have served as members of the Cathedral Chapter:

Aldwell, Canon FB - 1946.
Succeeded Ven JR McDonald upon his appointment as Archdeacon of Connor.

Archer, Canon - April 1921

Arlow, Canon William. - 1989
Canon in residence with responsibility for ecumenical relations.He organised and took part in the ground-breaking meeting of four church leaders including Bishop Arthur Butler (see below), who met with the leaders of Provisional IRA in the 1970's for at Feakle in an attempt to stop the violence. Rector of Ballyphilip 1986 - 1989. Deacon 1959.R1989. Dec'd 2006

Austin, Canon - April 1921

Bannon, Canon Richard Babington
Rector of Ardclinnis and Tickmacreivan.

Banks, Canon

Barry, Canon John.
Canon 1956 - 64. Chancellor of Down and Dromore 1964 - 73. Prebendary of St Patrick’s, Dublin,1964 - 73. Rector of Hillisborough 1949 - 83. One of two canons’ stalls for the Diocese of Down and Dromore was presented in 1959 by the Parishioners of Hillsborough in honour of their Rector. Wrote as “Cromlyn” in the Church of Ireland Gazette - a weekly column for 50 years. Deacon1938. R 1983. Dec’d 2006.

Barton, Canon - November 1924

Beacom, Canon Thomas Ernest.
Canon 1966 - 82. Rector of St Katharine’s, Belfast 1944 - 1982. (Deacon 1936. R 1982).

Canon Tom was born in Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone, on 18th April 1912. He served as a Church of Ireland Clergyman for 72 years. He died on 21st April 2008 in Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada.

Always a smile instead of a frown,
Always a hand when one was down;
Always true, thoughtful and kind,
Wonderful memories he has left behind.

He was really a countryman at heart and his home was just a mile from the Blackwater River in Co Tyrone.  He often talked of jaunts with his father in the Pony and Trap when they went to inspect the cattle, or to make hay. At the age of 12, Archdeacon Cooke suggested he should attend King’s Hospital School in Dublin, so he left his parents, 2 sisters and a brother, to start a new life in Dublin. He entered Trinity College in 1930, graduated in 1933 and received his Bachelor of Divinity in 1934. He was too young for ordination so he went to the Reverend Lougheed in Clara as a Lay-Reader for a year. He was ordained on 25th January 1936 in Limerick and priested in December of the same year.
In 1938-44 he went as a curate to Banbridge, the rectory was very large so Canon Parr allowed him to live there. As it was wartime, Scottish, Welsh and U.S. troops were billeted in the area and he catered to their spiritual needs as well as those of his parishioners. He played hockey, tennis and produced plays and when he left he was described as an “indefatigable worker and an outstanding Scholar who had left an indelible impression on the youth of the Parish”.

On 15th April 1941, 745 people lost their lives and many buildings and churches were destroyed in a terrible Blitz on the City of Belfast. Bishop McNeice convened a meeting in Fortwilliam Park with the clergy of all three Dioceses to see what support they could give the people in need. The young Curate from Banbridge did not realize when he saw St. Katharine’s Church Hall that it would be the scene of his labours for 38 years.

On the 1st May 1944, he was appointed Curate in Charge.  There was no rectory and a dual purpose hall where the sanctuary was closed off and the rest of the floor used for meetings. 250 Pre-Fabs had been built on the Lough Shore, so many new families had to be catered for. He taught in the junior schools and the Parish was growing quickly. To ease the situation a large Nissen Hut was bought costing  1,000 but after 6 years more space was required so the suggestion was to build a hall by voluntary labour as there were quite a few tradesmen in the Parish willing to work for tea, scones and apple pie—cheap labour.

A red brick hall 50 feet long with a Canadian Maple floor, was soon built but he still had the vision of a Church which would only be used for worship. Finally the Foundation Stone was laid on 14th April 1956. The furniture came from St Matthias in Dublin which had closed, but now it was to have a new lease of life north of the border and the consecration was on 24th November 1956.  He remembered, “Bishop Elliott knocked 3 times on the door with his staff, this was the moment I thanked God with all my heart that I had been spared to see the door opened on what to me was just a dream”.

He had married in 1948, so the burden of a busy life was shared with Hazel and three children David, Ros and Nigel, always ready to sort out problems and help with emergencies. With the new church he was able to read the daily office and he said “his congregation was mostly the angels and archangels”. He honoured all the Saints days and upheld the view that this was God’s House of Prayer and had to be treated with respect. He held Compline every Saturday night, Churching services for young mothers and services for the renewal of marriage vows where over 60 couples attended. He also organized reunion services for those Christened and Confirmed and Pram services were held twice a year for 4 years—one newspaper described it as a “Howling Success”.

His greatest delight was to have been appointed Registrar in 1963 as it gave him an opportunity to meet new clergy until he retired in 1982. He was Rural Dean of North Belfast for 14 years and Hon. Sec. of the Diocesan Library for 40 years. He was on the Diocesan Council and Joint Hon. Sec. for 32 years as well as Warden of the Lay Readers for 14 years.

He and his wife retired to Whitehead but in 1993 moved to Alberta, Canada to their daughter and her family. It was a big change at 81 but he always had a great zest for life. He helped with the services in All Saints Anglican Church where he was a popular preacher.

At 90 years of age he had to go into long term care; he was there for 5 years. He passed away peacefully 3 days after his 96th birthday. He had already received a gold printed letter of Congratulations from the Governor General of Canada and was waiting for his letter from the Queen to mark his 60th Wedding Anniversary in June but it had to be cancelled as it was only 59 years 10 months.

Bell, Canon Francis William Albert.
Canon 1989 - 95. Rector of Ballyhalbert 1963 - 95. (Deacon 1953. R.1995).

Blackwood-Price, Canon - March 1937

Bradley, Canon - April 1921

Brice-Coates, Canon - March 1937. Dec'd 1948

Browne, Canon

Butler, Canon John Charles.
One of four canons’ stalls for the Diocese of Connor was presented in 1959 by the Parishioners of Saint Polycarp’s, in honour of their Rector, a Canon of this Cathedral.

Campbell, Canon Arthur J E
Canon 1967 -74. Rector of St Matthew's, Belfast.

Carey, Canon - Nov 1924

Carmody, Canon

Cheevers, Canon George Alexander
Canon 2001 - 04. Rector of Magheragall 1991 - 2004. Deacon 1973

Clarke, Canon - Nov 1924

Clarendon, Canon - April 1908

Cochrane, Canon Kenneth Wilbur
Canon 1986 - 90. Prebenday of Clonmethan, St Patrick's 1990 - 98. Rector of St Paul's Lisburn 1963 - 1998. Deacon 1958. R 1998.

Collis, Canon - April 1921
Rector of Antrim. Later Dean of Connor

Cunningham, Canon - 1909

Davis, Canon - 1919

Ellis, Canon Ian Morton
Canon 2000 - 01. Prebendary of Newcastle, St Patrick's Dublin 2001. Rector of Newcastle. Deacon 1977.

Elliot, Canon. April 1934

Finch-White, Canon - May 1928

Foster, Canon - Nov 1926

Frizelle, Canon T Herbert
Rector of St Elizabeth's Dundonald.

Gibson, Canon Thomas W.
Two chairs in the Chancel were presented in June 1981 by Marion and Paul, wife and son of the Reverend Canon Gibson, Rector of Saint Clement’s, 1961-1975, and a Canon of this Cathedral.

Good, Canon WH - April 1945

Gransden, Venerable William James
A canon’s stall for the Archdeacon of Dromore was presented in 1959 by the Parishioners of Shankill, Lurgan in honour of their Rector, a Canon of this Cathedral.

Greer, Canon - Jan 1919

Hall, Canon James Robert
Canon 1982 - 89. Rector of Finaghy 1966 - 89. (Deacon 1949. R 1989).

Hannah, Canon - March 1932

Hannon, Canon - Nov 1926

Hamilton, Canon Edgar Reid
Canon 1985 - 91. Later Prebendary of Wicklow, St Patrick’s, Dublin 1990 - 93. Son of a Dean of Waterford and brother of Canon Noble Hamilton. Served as Dean’s Vicar in this Cathedral 1955 - 59. Later Rector of St Molua’s, Stormont 1985 - 91. (Deacon1951. Retired 1991).

Hopkins, Canon Hugh
Canon 1994 -1996. Rector of Ballywillan. (Deacon 1962. R 1996).

Iannd, Canon SF Dudley
1901. Rector of Glenarm. Chancellor of Connor. Succeeded Canon John Bristow who was appointed Canon of St Patrick's, Dublin.

Johnston, Canon GR Harden
Curate in Charge then Rector of Greenisland 1956-1988 Canon 1984-1988 (Deacon 1945 R 1988)

Jones, Canon Thomas William (Warren)
Canon 1985 - .Rector of Ballymacash.

Jones, Very Reverend William Armstrong.
The Treasurer’s stall for the Dean of Dromore was presented in 1959 by the Parishioners of Newcastle in honour of their Rector, a chapter member.

Kelly, Canon - May 1928

Kelly, Canon William Robert
Canon 1994 - 96. Rector of St Aidan's, Belfast 1989 - 96. (Deacon 1962. R 1996).

Kenny, Canon Charles John
Canon 1995 - 2000. Vicar Choral and Canon for ecumenism. (Deacon 1969. R 2000).

Kerr, Canon - Nov 1926

King, Canon John Godfrey
Canon 1957 - 1971. One of four canons’ stalls for the Diocese of Connor was presented in 1959 by the Parishioners of Saint Matthew, Shankill, in honour of their Rector, a Canon of this Cathedral.

Kimber, Canon Robert Harding
Rector of Drumbo

Lyndon, Canon Charles Henry Preston
Canon 1848 - 57. Rector of St Paul's,Belfast

Mercer, Canon John James Glendinning
Canon 1976 - 1988. Prebendary of Wicklow, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, 1988 - 1990. Rector of Ballyholme, 1955 - 1990. (Deacon 1950. R.1990)

McCreery, Canon William Robert Desmond
Canon 1988 - 2003. Rector of Bangor Parish 1989 - 2003. (Deacon 1962. R 2003).

McCappin, Canon William James
Canon and chapter member 1969 - 1987. "Welcomed in his own right by the Chapter" in 1969, the Chapter minutes record. Past Chorister. Educated at Royal Belfast Academical Institution; entered Trinity College, Dublin, October, 1936; Hebrew Prizeman 1937, 1938 and 1939; Jellett Prize, 1938; Wall Biblical Scholar, 1939; B.A. (Ist Class Mod. Oriental Languages), 1940; Downes Prize, Warren Prize and Div. Test. (I st Class), 1941; Theological Exhibition, 1942; M.A. and B.D., 1948; ordained Deacon 1942, Priest 1943 (Armagh); Curate of St. Mark's, Armagh, 1942-44; Chaplain to the Forces 1944-47; Curate-in-charge of Ardoyne, 1947-51; Incumbent of Jordanstown from 1951 - 59; Examining Chaplain to Bishop of Connor, 1955; Chaplain Stranmillis Training College, Belfast, 1956. Rector of St. Bartholomew's, Belfast, 1959 - 1971. In 1969 he was appointed Archdeacon of Connor a post he held until 1979. From 1971 to 1976 the position was full time. Rector of Carnmoney 1976 - 1981, a position he held until his consecration as Bishop of Connor in 1981. He served his Church faithfully and with distinction in this office until his retirement in 1987. On 3rd July 1992 the Rt. Reverend William McCappin died at the age of 73.

Mitchell, Canon George Alfred
Canon 1978 - 88. Rector of Bangor Parish 1978 - 1988. (Deacon 1946. R 1988).

Monroe, Canon James Allen
Canon 1991 - .Rector of Holywood 1989 - (Deacon 1964 . R ).

Moore, Canon Edward James
Canon 1989 - 1997. Rector of Jordanstown 1980 - 1997. (Deacon 1956. R 1997).

Moore, Canon William Morris
Canon 1995 - 20 . Rector of St Jude’s, Belfast 1980 - . (Deacon 1961. R 20 ).

Moore, Canon William James Forster
Canon 1989 - 1995. Rector of Dunluce 1983 - 1995. (Deacon 1950. R 1995).

Nolan, Canon John
Canon 1988 - . Rector of Upper Falls.

Orr, Canon - March 1932

Patterson, Ven John Norton
Canon 1997 - 2005. Rector of Ballintoy 1972 - 2005. Archdeacon of Dalriada (Deacon 1965. R 2005).

Parr, Canon Thomas
Canon 1945 - 1965. One of two canons’ stalls for the Diocese of Down and Dromore was presented in 1959 by the Parishioners of Seapatrick in honour of their Rector, a Canon of this Cathedral. Canon Thomas Parr, who died in 1969, was Rector of Seapatrick, Banbridge from 1935 - 1961. During this period Canon Tom Beacom and Rt Rev Cuthbert Peacock served as curates-assistant in the parish. In 1984 a memorial window in the sanctuary of the church was dedicated by the Rt Rev C. I. Peacocke. The window’s portrayal of 'Jesus the Healer', was chosen in recognition of Canon Parr's care for the sick and elderly during his twenty-six years as Rector .
Thomas Parr was the son of Thomas Parr, M.D., Drogheda. He held a Master’s degree from TCD. Rural Dean of Aghaderg 1940 - 1961. Rector of Killough from 1961 - 1968 when he retired.

Peacocke, Canon. Nov 1912

Pounder, Revd Canon William Dawson
1900 Treasurer of Connor Cathedral.Present at the first Annual meeting of the Chapter on 19th April, 1900.

Quin, Canon - 1932

Riddall, Revd Canon Walter
1901 Prebendary of Connor. Succeeded Revd Canon C. F. D’arcy who had been appointed Dean of Belfast

Rodgers, Canon John Terence Roche.
Canon 1992 - 1994. Rector of Dunmurry 1979 - 1994. (Deacon 1957. R 1994).

Rooney, Ven James.
Canon - Rector of Skerry1996 - 1998. Adn. Dalriada 1996 - 1998. (Deacon 1958. R. 1998).

Ross, Canon - April 1915

Rudd, Canon Charles Robert Jordeson
Canon 1990 - 2002. Rector of Magherally 1995 - 2002. (Deacon 1957. R 2002).

Rutherford, Canon - May 30

Ryder, Revd Canon - 1906

Scott, Canon - Nov 1926

Sharpe, Canon Thomas Gordon.
One of four canons’ stalls for the Diocese of Connor was presented in 1959 by the Parishioners of Layde and Cushendun, in honour of their Rector, a Canon of this Cathedral.

Shortt, Canon Noel Christopher
Canon 1996 - 1999. Rector of Ballyrashane 1989 - 1999. (Deacon 1963. R 1999).

Spence, Revd Canon John
Canon 1904 - . Attended Chapter meeting 6th April, 1904. Archdeacon of Connor 1908 - 14.

Stephenson, Revd Canon
1904. Apology recorded at Chapter meeting, 6th April, 1904

Stewart, Revd Canon
1905 Chapter Canon. Succeeded Revd John Hare Duke. Rector of Knockbreda

Taylor, Canon - Nov 1926

Turner, Canon Robert Edgar
Canon 1971 - 1976. Prebendary of Clonmethan in St Patrick's Dublin 1976 - 1990. Rector of St George's, Belfast. (Deacon1945. Rtd1990).

Tyney, Canon James Derrick
Canon 1993 - 2000. Rector of Groomsport 1997 - 2000. (Deacon 1962. Rtd.2000).

Uprichard, Canon Leonard Victor.
One of four canons’ stalls for the Diocese of Connor was presented in 1959 by the Parishioners of Coleraine, in honour of their Rector, a Canon of this Cathedral.

Walker, Canon - Nov 1924

Warren, Canon Frederick Noel
Canon 1973 - 76. Prebendary of Wicklow and then of Swords, St Patrick's, Dublin. Rector of Dunfanaghy 1987 - 97. (Deacon 1953. Rtd. 1997).

Watson, Ven. Charles
1901 Archdeacon of Dromore

Whatham, Canon - April 1921

West, Canon Clive.
Canon 1995 - 2000. Rector of All Saints, Belfast 1984 - 2000. (Deacon 1964. R 2000).

Whittaker, Canon WJ

Wilkinson, Canon James Noel Batthews.
Minor Canon 1972 - 88, Canon 1988 - 93. Rector of Derryvolgie 1979 - 93. In retirement served in the Cathedral 1993 - 2001. A gifted musician. (Deacon 1955. R 1993 Dec’d 2001)

Williams, Canon - March 1932

Wilson, Canon Mervyn Robert
Canon 1985 - 89. Formerly Prebendary of Dromore, 1983 - 85. Later Dean of Dromore. Rector of St Patrick's, Newry 1970 - 92. (Deacon 1952. R 1992).

Woodrow, Canon Norman Wilson
Canon 1985 - Rector of Saintfield.

Woodward, Canon - May 1930


Harvey, Canon Brian
Canon Theologian - 1970. Dean of Ossory

Hodgins, Canon John Henry
Canon Theologian 1970 -


Colton, Rev Paul. 1987 - 1990, Minor Canon 1998 - 1990. Bishop of Cork 1999

Craig, Rev Graham Fetherstonhaugh. 1932-35 Sang the funeral service for Lord Carson. Army chaplain, Rector of St James, Belfast

Crooks, Rev Samuel Bennett. Minor Canon 1953 - 1963. Later Rector of Orangefield and Lurgan. Archdeacon of Dromore. Dean of Belfast.

Freeman, Rev JH - May 1928

Gorman, Rev Charles M . c.1927 Later Rector of Saintfield.

Humphries, Rev William David
Later Rector of Stormont.

Kenny, Rev Charles John

Kimber Rev Robert Howard (Jack) 1936-39. Later Rector of Bushmills and Drumbo.

Lawrenson, Rev Ronald David. 1979-1986. Son of Very Rev Leslie Robert Lawrenson, Dean of Derry. Rector of Tynan, Armagh, 1986 -

Mann, Rev Alfred Weller Stanley 1935

Nolan, Rev John.
Later Rector of Upper Falls and Canon of Belfast.


Barr, Rev William Norman Cochrane.Rector of Derriaghy 1961 - 1990. Dean of Connor 1982 - 90. (Deacon 1946. Retired 1990).

Fox, Rev Raymond. Dean’s Vicar. Canon for ecumenism and Chapter Clerk - 2002

Good, Rev Rosmund. Rector of Carryduff and Dean of Down.

Hamilton, Rev Edgar Reid 1955 - 59. Canon 1985 - 91. Later Prebendary of Wicklow, St Patrick's, Dublin 1990 - 93. Son of a Dean of Waterford and brother of Canon Noble Hamilton. Served as Dean's Vicar in this Cathedral 1955 - 59. Later Curate in Charge and Rector of St Molua's, Stormont 1960 - 93. (Deacon1951. Retired 1993).

McClure, Rev Norman. 1937-39

McDonald,Rev WLO

Mann, Rev Alfred Weller Stanley. 1934 - 35

Mortimer, Rev Sterling. 1949-50. Head Chorister 1936-37 . Rector of St Mark’s, Armagh. Dean of Elphin and Ardagh 1983 - 1991. ARSCM

Quin, Rev George Alderson. Deans Vicar c. 1940. He was Bishop of Down and Dromore from 1969 until his retirement in 1980. His name is on a pillar at the Chapel of Unity which he consecrated on 20th June 1974. He rehallowed the Chapel on 23rd September 1988 after it had been refurbished by the family of the late Dean Crooks. A canon’s stall for the Archdeacon of Down was presented in 1959 by the Parishioners of Bangor in honour of their Rector, the Venerable George Quin, MA, a Canon of this Cathedral at that time.

Snape, Rev Colin.



Archdale, Rev Mervyn.
Appointed 1919. Chaplain to the Forces, Belfast.

Carey, Rev James Albert. Appointed 1906. The leftmost of the two “John” pillars in the Baptistry represents John the Evangelist and was given by the Cathedral Girls’ Friendly Society in joint memory of James Albert Carey, a Minor Canon of the Cathedral, and Dean Robinson. A photograph in the Cathedral archives shows him as Senior Curate in 1904. The other “John” pillar is John the Baptist. Carey was married to a daughter of Mr Isaac Nicholl, formerly organist of St Ann’s.

Chisholm, Rev Reginald Joseph. Past Chorister. Deacon 1942, Canon Treasurer of Down Cathedral. Rector of Newtownards 1957 - 1982. Retired 1982.

Colton, Rev Paul. Minor Canon 1988-90. Vicar Choral 1987 - 1990. Rector of Castleknock, Dublin. Bishop of Cork 1999

Craig, Rev Graham Fetherstonhaugh. 1947 -

Crooks, Rev Samuel Bennett. Minor Canon 1953 - 1963. Later Rector of Orangefield and Lurgan and Dean of Belfast.

Darling, Rev Edward Flewiet 1976. Rector of St John's, Malone. Later Bishop of Limerick and Killaloe, 1985 - 2000.

Drury, Revd Thomas William Ernest
1899-1904. The Second Minor Canon appointed, 23rd October, 1899. He was curate of the Parish Church of St. Anne. Appointed Rector of Rostrevor 1904.

Frizell, Revd Charles William
1899. The First Minor Canon appointed, 23rd October, 1899. He was the Secretary of the Diocesan Council.

Forde, Rev SB

Harvey, Rev Brian. 1945

Hayes, Revd Ernest William Carlisle. 1904 - 07. Appointed 1904 succession to Revd T. W. E. Drury. Curate of Ballymacarrett. Later Rector of St. Mark’s, Dundela

Lawrenson, Revd Ronald David. 1978 - 86

L'Estrange, Rev FHP. 1919. Rector of Carrowdore.

Mervyn, Revd John Henry. Appointed 1906. Diocesan Secretary.

McCappin, Revd William John. 1970 - See Canons above.

McClure, Revd HN .1945 -

Olden, Revd GRC. 1912 -

Roundhill, Rev J. 1949. Dean of Residence, QUB.

Stevenson, Revd Leslie C. 1924.

Turner, Revd Robert Edgar. 1951 - 1963. See Canons above.

Wilkinson, Revd TG - dec'd 1924

Joynt, Mr. James Lancaster
. 1899 - 1912. See Book of Witnesses

Trelford, Mr James. 1912 - 1930? See Book of Witnesses

Hardy, Mr RSB. 1930 -