Ancestral search of Cathedral records

Creation window in the Chapel of the Holy SpiritThe archives of the Cathedral Church of St Anne are unique in that the body of archives is complete in terms of charting the story of the cathedral from inception. That this unique collection has survived is due in no small part to the generations of people who love and value the Cathedral, its purpose and its heritage.

The most frequent requests concerning our archives relate to requests for copies of records of births, deaths and marriages.  These usually are for the following purposes:

Genealogical Search

Most search requests will come from enthusiastic amateurs who have become interested in tracing their ancestry.  The cathedral receives a considerable number of search requests, not only from Northern Ireland but from all parts of the world as well. This places demands on cathedral staff and appropriate charges have been introduced (details below)

Academic Search

A more protracted and detailed archive search may be requested by someone engaged in scholarly research or research for publication.  Each request will be considered on its merits. It is expected that the completed work will be properly referenced and acknowledged and that a copy of the work will be donated to the cathedral library, again charges apply, (details below)

If the enquirer is a professional genealogist then the cathedral reserves the right to charge an additional fee.

Vocational Search

Some individuals may request certificates of baptism, confirmation or marriage in order to progress their vocation, for example in holy orders. No charge will be levied in respect of Vocational searches.

The request form may be downloaded from here.

All written enquiries/requests should be addressed to:

Archive Search Request, Administration Office, St Anne’s Cathedral, Donegall Street, BELFAST, BT1 2HB (if you wish to have a search request form to be posted to you, please write to the above address enclosing a self-addressed envelope with the appropriate postage stamp affixed thereto)

Email enquiries should be addressed to:

No requests can be made by telephone.

Before any search of records can be undertaken the appropriate fee must be received.

All applications will be acknowledged upon receipt