The first item in this section contains historical articles covering the life and times of the Cathedral, providing a fascinating insight into times gone by.

In the remainder of this section an attempt has been made to do the impossible - to record the various people whose lives and deaths have made this Cathedral what it is.

- The artists, sculptors and architects
- The clergy who served here
- The lay people whose service and generosity contributed to the building
- Those whose names are recorded on the various war memorials - the entire West Front is a memorial to those from Northern Ireland who died in the First World War.
- The various stages in the building of the Cathedral and the events in the city, in Ireland and around the world at those times.

This is a work in progress and further information is always gratefully received.

A Heritage Team collates information and supervises the archives. Its members are:

Norman Weatherall 

Vernon Clegg

Jean Barber


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